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Bomgar Privileged Access and SyferLock GridGuard Integration

Follow standard SyferLock GridGuard Server (Virtual Appliance) Install, Setup & Initial Configuration

Then in the GridGuard Administration & Configuration Console:

Create new ServiceProvider Definition called "Bomgar"

  • Create new ServiceProvider as usual
  • On "Reference URLs", make note of the Metadata URL link
  • Manually download the Metadata file from Reference URL

On the  Bomgar site:

Users and Security -> Security Providers

  • Create Provider, Type SAML
  • Upload Metadata file from GridGuard
    • Entity ID, SSO URL, and Certificate information will update automatically. 

Once updated, download the SP Metadata using the button provided.

Note the Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL).

On GridGuard, import Metadata as usual

ACS URL must be set manually (from above)

You MUST set attribute mappings. First set:

  • Realm
  • Name Identifier

Then Apply Changes

  • Setup Attribute Mappings
    • Note - these settings are using standard Active Directory names for the attributes, but it is not required, any name(s) may be used - these will be used later on the Bomgar site.

Apply Changes to save the attribute mappings.

On the Bomgar site:

Scroll to the bottom of the Security Providers form in the User Provision Settings section

Note Attribute Mapping name usage from GridGuard

  • Remove "Group Lookup" value - this is only valid if Group Mapping is required, and can be done via memberOf, or some other Group mechanism, but is not covered here
  • Set a Default Group Policy - this will be required if Group Mapping is not enabled
  • Save Changes

Logout, then go to login page again.

The Bomgar login with the "Use SAML Authentication" will utilize SyferLock's GridGuard Authentication Solution to provide the additional security.

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