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Installing the monitoring script

Instructions for installation of the monitoring script on the Netscaler

Install script on the netscaler

  1. Download the script located at this URL:
  2. Copy the file to the netscaler appliance to the directory /nsconfig/monitors
  3. Ensure that the permissions on the file are set to 555 (chmod 555

Create Monitor - Standard Parameters

Create Monitor - Standard Parameters
  1. Connect to the Netscaler Administration Console and choose the Monitors menu option under Load Balancing
  2. Click Add to add a new monitor. Create Monitor dialog will be displayed

Monitor Setup

Monitor Setup
  1. Set Name to nsgrid
  2. Set Type to USER
  3. Standard Parameters: Suggested value for Interval is 60 seconds (execute check once per minute)
  4. Standard Parameters: Suggested value for Response Time-out is 15 seconds
  5. Standard Parameters: Suggested value for Retries is 2 times
  6. Special Parameters: Script Name should be set to
  7. Special Parameters: Script Arguments should be formatted as httpsport=<port>;ldapport=<port>;username=<username>;realm=<realm>;pin=<pin>;corner=<corner>;basedn=<base-dn>
  8. Click Create & Save All Changes

Sample script argument: httpsport=443;ldapport=389;username=test00001;realm=ArrayRealm;pin=11111;corner=1;basedn=ou=test,dc=gridguard,dc=syferlock,dc=com

Assign monitor to VIP

Assign monitor to VIP
  1. Identify the service group associated with the VIP
  2. Add the nsgrid monitor to the list of configured monitors
  3. Save all changes

Test Script

To test the script, execute the following steps:
> log onto the Netscaler box via SSH
> shell
> cd /nsconfig/monitors
> ./ <server-ip> 80 15 "httpsport=<port>;ldapport=<port>;username=<username>;realm=<realm>;pin=<pin>;corner=<corner>;basedn=<base-dn>"

If everything is setup correctly, you will get the following response back: syntax OK
0,Operation completed without error

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