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Radius Configuration

Configuration the GridGuard VA for RADIUS support

RADIUS Realm Setup

RADIUS Realm Setup

Launch ACC and follow steps given below:

  1. Choose option Radius Setup
  2. Set Default Realm to the realm created for the integration
  3. Click Save Changes

Adding A Radius Client to GGVA

Adding A Radius Client to GGVA
  1. Click Add Radius Client. A new dialog will be displayed asking for Client details
  2. Client Short Name: any label
  3. Allowed IP Address: enter an ip or range of IP Addresses for the CISCO ASA devices
  4. Secret: the Sever Secret Key configured on the CISCO appliance
  5. NAS Type: cisco (case sensitive)
  6. Click Add to add new client. A new entry should be added to the table
  7. Click Save Changes to save new client details


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