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Securing JunOS Pulse with GridGuard

GridGuard™ Server Setup

copy attached file iphone.tar to /tmp using scp (or WinSCP)
login as gridadmin onto the GridGuard™ server
cd /opt/syferlock/gridserver/webapps/gridguard
tar -xvf /tmp/iphone.tar
service gridserver restart


Juniper Setup

  1. Log onto the Juniper appliance as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Authentication > Signing In > Sign-In Pages > Upload Custom Pages
  3. Create a new sign-in page and upload the attached file as the template file
  4. Modify the file gridguardconfig.thtml in the zip file as necessary before uploading it.
  5. Navigate to Authentication > Signing In > Sign-In Pages > Sign-In Policies
  6. Create a new sign-in URL that
    a) points to the same Authentication realm as the browser based GridGuard™ environment,
    b) with the sign-in page set to the JunOS Pulse sign-in page

JunOS Pulse App Setup

Create a new configuration with the URL pointing to

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