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Setting up Apache DS

This lesson gives you instructions on how to configure Apache DS to access the GridGuard LDAP store

Launch Apache Directory Studio (DS)

Launch Apache Directory Studio (DS)

- Launch Apache Directory Studio

- In the 'Connections' panel, click on the '+LDAP' icon to add  new connection

Specify Connection Settings

Specify Connection Settings

- Set Connection name to any name you would like to assign to connection (like e.g.

- Hostname: This should be set to the internal IP address or hostname of the gridguard server

- Port: Set this to 6268

- Encryption method: No encryption

- Click on 'Check Network Parameter'. It should prompt you with a messages saying 'The connection was established successfully'.

If this message is not displayed, then it means that you were not able to reach the GridGuard server from your machine.

Please check your network settings to ensure that you can reach the server.

- Click the 'Next >' button

Specify Authentication Details

Specify Authentication Details

- Authentication Method: Simple Authentication

- Bind DN or user: cn=root,dc=gridguard,dc=syferlock,dc=com

- Bind password: by default this is 'syferlock', unless the value has been overriden through the LDAP configuration option in ACC

- Click 'Check Authentication'. This should respond back with a message 'The authentication was successful'.

 If authentication fails,  check to ensure that you have input the right password

- Click Finish. This will create a new connection entry in the 'Connections' panel

Open Connection

Open Connection

1. Double click on the connection entry in the 'Connections' panel to open the connection

2. Expand the 'dc=gridguard,dc=syferlock,dc=com' to see the trees for the various LDAP realms

   All PIN, corner, layout and other user settings are stored under this tree

3. Expand the relevant tree to see the users registered in the realm etc.

4. Expand the 'dc=security,dc=gridguardva,dc=syferlock,dc=com'

  This tree contains entries for the various ids used to administer the GridGuard virtual appliance.

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