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Prerequisites for setting up the advanced monitoring script.

This script assumes the following about the realm that is being logged into:

  1. 2 form is not enabled for the realm
  2. Username field is set to uname; Password field is set to password

Test Account

You will need to have a registered test account to perform this test. You should know the following details for the test account:

  1. Realm - the name of the realm to log into
  2. Username - the test user's username
  3. PIN - the PIN chosen for the test account
  4. Corner - the target corner selected for the test account

You will also need to know the following server configuration details:

  1. HTTPS Port - the HTTPS port configured on the server; by default this is set to 443
  2. Base DN - the base dn to be used to perform LDAP binds using nonces
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