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High Level Network Architecture

High Level Network Architecture

At a very high level, the integration involves the setup of a GridGuard application server in the DMZ. The GridGuard server will be configured to communicate with both the Netscaler / AGEE server and the customer's reference user store (typically an Active Directory server).

The GridGuard appliance performs the following critical functions:

a) Publish web pages/ web components required for grid based authentication to the end user

b) Provide a RADIUS interface or LDAP interface for Netscaler / AGEE authentication

c) Verify user credentials and group memberships

Since the GridGuard server also houses the PIN data store, some implementations may require the GridGuard server to be hosted on the intranet. In these cases, an HTTP proxy server needs to be setup in the DMZ so that web pages published by the GridGuard server can be displayed to the end user.

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