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First Time Customized NetScaler / AGEE Login Pages

By default,  the NetScaler / AGEE  login pages are overwritten with the system default pages on the appliance reboot.  If the NetScaler / AGEE appliance has never had login pages customized the following steps will need to be completed to setup a customized login page environment.  If you have already done this, you can skip to the next chapter.  

The following commands are based off of the following Citrix articles:

Login to the NetScaler / AGEE

Login to the NetScaler / AGEE via SSH.  Then drop to the command prompt by issuing the 'shell' command.

Make Customized Login Page Directory

#> mkdir -p /var/customizations

Copy the Existing Login Pages

cp -R /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn /var/customizations

Deploy script

Download the from SyferLock Support page ( ).  Once you have downloaded the script, upload the script to the /nsconfig directory on the NetScaler / AGEE appliance.

Once uploaded, make sure the script has executable permissions.  

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