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Exporting GridGuard Metadata

To configure the service provider, it is necessary to import the GridGuard IdP metadata into the service provider system.

Generating GridGuard IdP Metadata

To generate the metadata, using a browser access the following URL.

URL: https://{gridguard server}/gridguard/saml/md/{service provider label}


  • {gridguard server} should be replaced with the host name of the GridGuard server and
  • {service provider label} should be replaced with the name of the service provider node specified in the admin configuration console.

For example, if the name of the server is and the service provider name is sample-sp, then the metadata URL will be:

The metadata thus generated should be provided to the service provider for import into their system.

Sample GridGuard Metadata

Sample GridGuard Metadata

Shown above is a sample of the metadata that is generated.

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