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Installing GridGuard Status Monitoring Script

A script used to monitor the status of the GridGuard server using 3rd party tools like SiteScope.

Installation Instructions

On each server in the cluster, install the script as per instructions below:

Using scp, copy attached script to /var/www/html on the GridGuard server
chmod 600 status.php
chown root:root status.php

Invoking Script

To invoke the script, access the URL given below:


Response Format

Response will be in JSON format. A sample response with details are given below:

  "hostname":"",     // Name of the host
  "services":{                          // List of services
    "gridserver":{"status":"OK"},       // Status: OK, if service is up
    "httpd":{"status":"OK"},            //       : NOT OK, otherwise
  "clusterConfiguration":{              // Cluster Configuration
    "peers":{                           // Peer nodes in cluster
      "":{           // First peer node hostname
        "nonceReplicationMode":"ON",    // ON, to replicate nonces 
                                        // OFF otherwise
        "nonceReplicationResult":"OK",  // OK if nonces are replicating; 
                                        // NOT OK otherwise
        "errorMsg":""                   // Nonce Replication errors
      "":{           // Second peer node hostname
    "localhost":{                    // Localhost server 
      "clustering":"ON",             // ON, if server is clustered
                                     // OFF otherwise
      "nonceCreationResult":"OK"     // OK, if nonce creation succeeded
                                     // NOT OK otherwise
      "errorMsg":""                  // Nonce creation errors
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