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Configuring GridGuard to use an External DB

The GridGuard™ virtual appliance includes and internal PostgreSQL DB that is used to store history logs. You can if you so desire, configure the system to write the history logs to an external database. You might want to to do this if you have multiple GridGuard™ servers deployed and would like to consolidate logs across all the devices or if you would like to generate your own custom reports / warnings. Given below are the instructions for using an Microsoft SQL Server database. These instructions can easily be adapted for other databases like Oracle, and MySQL too.

1. Create a database named 'grid'
2. Use the appropriate attached sql file to generate the required schema objects
   The schema file will have to be executed with a id with appropriate permissions to create DB objects.
3. Create an SQL User and add the 'gridserver' user mapping to the 'grid' database for the new user
   Edit file /etc/syferlock/server.xml file and update the Resource jdbc/Store to the following:
   Update the URL attribute as necessary to match your SQL Server Connection String

<Resource name="jdbc/Store" auth="Container"
  maxActive="100"  maxIdle="30"  maxWait="10000" />

4. Restart GridGuard™ server by executing the following command:

service gridserver restart 

For each additional server in the cluster, repeat steps 4 and 5.

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