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Install Agentless Integration Kit

Install the PingFederate Agentless Integration Kit

Download the Agentless Integration Kit

The kit can be downloaded from the downloads page on the PingIdentity website:

Deploy the Agentless Integration Kit

Follow instructions provided by PingIdentity to install the integration kit.

The instructions are given below; but please check with the PingIdentity website to make sure that these instructions are upto date and apply to your version of PingFederate.

Instructions to install the ReferenceID Adapter

1. Stop the PingFederate server.

2. In the directory <PF-install>/server/default/deploy, delete the file pf-referenceidadapter-1.x.jar, if it exists.

3. Unzip the distribution ZIP file.

4. From the integration-kit dist directory, copy both the pf-referenceid-adapter-1.2.jar and the json_simple-1.1.jar into: <PF-install>/server/default/deploy

5. Start or restart PingFederate.

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