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Realm Configuration

GridGuard realm configuration

Create a realm

Create and configure a realm as necessary. Ensure that the following values are also set:

1. Process Type : Custom

2. Process Type parameters:

    a) className = com.syferlock.gridguard.proctype.PingFederateRefID

    b) PF_BASE_URL = (assuming your pingfederate server has been named and you are using the default port 9031)

    c) REFID_USERNAME = user (this is the value set up during the Referece ID Adapter setup as the IdP Adapter User Name)

    d) REFID_PASSWORD = passphrase value (this is the value specified for passphrase during the Reference ID Adapter setup as the Pass Phrase)

3. Fields: Set the Username Field to username. Username Field #2 and password fields can be left blank

4. Check Pass Authentication to Backend

5. Logout URL = https://<gridguard_server>/gridguard/login.jsp?realm=PingFederate&loginFailed=true

6. Login Failed URL = https://<gridguard_server>/gridguard/login.jsp?realm=PingFederate&loginFailed=true

7. Lockout URL = https://<gridguard_server>/gridguard/login.jsp?realm=PingFederate&lockout=true

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