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GridGuard SAML Configuration

Setup GridGuard SAML URL

Setup GridGuard SAML URL
  • Hostname : Enter the user accessible hostname
  • IdP Certificates: Generate a self-signed certificate or Import a PKCS12 file for SAML signing or SAML encryption.

Click on "Apply Changes"

Adding ADFS as a SAML Service Provider

Adding ADFS as a SAML Service Provider

Right click on "SAML Configuration" and click on "+Add" to add a new SAML Service Provider. Then fill out the new form with the following data:

  • Service Provider Name : Admin generated identifier
  • Signing Certificate : Select an installed x509 certificate for SAML assertion signing
  • Import SP Metadata: Unload XML Metadate for the SP. In this case it is ADFS.
  • Import SP Metadata URL : Directly download XML Metadata from the SP. This requires the GGVA device to have direct access to the ADFS server.
  • Entity Id : <Filled in by metadata>
  • ACS URL : <Filled in by metadata>
  • Validity Time : Set appropriately
  • Realm : Select Realm identifier to associate with this SAML SP.
  • Name Identifier : Select 'userPrincipleName'
  • Sign Encryption : Check
  • Encrypt Assertion : <Optional>

Click on "Service Provider" and then press "Apply Changes"

Reference URLs

Reference URLs

Switch to the URL tab.  Now copy down the Metadata URL. It will be needed in the ADFS configuration.

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