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Providing Geolocation data for IP Addresses

Provides information on how to setup page customizations to display geolocation information for an IP Address. This page is displayed when the user clicks on the IP Address field in the Recent Activity section of the Security Center.


Import Page Customization Template

Import Page Customization Template

Download page customization file:

  1. Launch Administration & Configuration Console and choose the 'Page Customizations' option
  2. Set Target Path to geo-location
  3. Choose and Upload the file downloaded previously
  4. The page customization should show up under list of Installed Customizations

Modify Realm Configuration

Modify Realm Configuration
  1. Under Realms, pick the realm to configure and choose the URLs tab
  2. Set the value for IP Lookup Site to https://<gridguard-server>/web/geo-location/?ip=
  3. Repeat as necessary for all the realms.

Geolocation Display

Geolocation Display

When the user clicks on the IP Address link in Security Center, a page showing the following information should now be displayed in a new window/tab.

Additional Notes

- Customize the page template file ( as necessary to match the look and feel you desire

- The page template uses geo-location data provided by You will need to configure your firewall to allow the GridGuard server to send http requests to this service. Alternatively, you can host your own geoip service. For instructions on how to setup your own service, refer to the website.

- The page template users map data provided by Google Maps. Customize the template as necessary to use and alternative mapping service or to remove the map from the page.


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