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Login Page Customization

Instructions on how to customize the login page

Make a Local Copy of Customizations & Copy template

  1. With an SCP client,  WinSCP for example, download the contents of /var/customizations to your local machine.
  2. Make copy of the index.html file and login.js and rename the file to an appropriate file name.  index-gridguard.html login-gridguard.js for example.  

Customize index-gridguard.html - Change login.js

Customize index-gridguard.html - Change login.js

Edit the index-gridguard.html file to update javascript reference filename. Changes have been highlighted in red..

Customize index-gridguard.html - Update <FORM> tag

Customize index-gridguard.html - Update &lt;FORM&gt; tag
  1. Update the <FORM> tag's action attribute to the GridGuard URL. The GridGuard URL is https://<GGVA Hostname>/gridguard/Start.  Changes have been highlighted in red.
  2. Then an <INPUT> tag needs to be added inside the <FORM> tag. The <INPUT> tag name needs to be "realm" and the value needs to be the gridguard realm name that was created in Realm Setup.This value is case-sensitive. This addition is highlighted in light blue.

Customize login-gridguard.js - Comment out password field and references

Customize login-gridguard.js - Comment out password field and references

In the modified login-gridguard.js file you will need to comment out references to the password field since it needs to be removed.  Comment out the 'var passwd' line and the 'if (password == "") { block to disable the password field checking.  The changes are highlighted in pink.

The 'document.vpnForm.password.focus(); line needs to commented out too. The change is highlighted in pink above.

Finally the JavaScript generated HTML that created the password fields needs to be commented out also.  The above image show the comment block that need to added to disable the HTML code. The change is code is highlighted in pink.

Upload Customized Files

Once the files are altered, upload the changed files back to the NetScaler / AGEE appliance.

After the files are uploaded open a shell command prompt session.  Now execute /nsconfig/ script. This will apply the changes to the login pages.

With version 10.5 Citrix has changed the way you update customized Login Pages. 

When Upgrading to 10.5 follow the instructions from Citrix.  Creating a Custom Theme for the Logon Page

Customized Login Page

Customized Login Page

After all the customizations have been applied, this is what the new login page will look like.

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