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Registering GridSoftToken during Self-Registration

Provides instructions for registering GridSoftToken during self-registration.

Registration Screen

Registration Screen

The first time the user logs into the system (or after an account reset), the New User Registration screen is displayed to the user

  1. Enter your Network Password to confirm your identity
  2. Enter the New PIN that you will use to authenticate yourself using the SyferLock grid
  3. Confirm New PIN
  4. Select Target Position, for logging in
  5. You will need to download the GridSoftToken software, only if you are installing the soft token on the computer you are currently on. If not, (i.e. you are using a portable device iOS, Android or Blackberry device), you can skip this step
  6. Enter the Serial Number as shown in the GridSoftToken client
  7. Click Save

Your GridSoftToken device is now registered to your account.

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