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Additional Attribute Mapping

Sometimes it is necessary to include additional attributes in the identity assertion that GridGuard will respond to the service provider with. These additional attributes may be used for a variety of reasons, including auto-provisioning new users.

To accomplish this, GridGuard provides a feature to add additional attributes to the identity assertion.

Specify attributes to be selected from User Store

Specify attributes to be selected from User Store
  1. Select the server associated with the user store, that is associated with the realm, that is associated with the service provider node
  2. Specify any additional attributes to be queried for. Multiple attributes can be specified, one per line.
  3. Click Update server to update server entry
  4. Click 'Apply changes' to save configuration

Specify Attribute name value mapping

Specify Attribute name value mapping
  1. Select the service provider node and click the '+Add Attribute Mapping' button under the assertion configuration section
  2. In the dialog that is displayed, enter the name that will be used to identify the attribute and the value that is to be used. The value drop down is populated with the list of values that were defined in the additional attributes for the server in the preceding section
  3. Click 'OK' to add the new attribute.

When the GridGuard server responds with the identity assertion, these additional attributes will now also be included with the response.

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