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Installing / Updating the GridGuard License

This lesson details the steps to install or update your GridGuard license.

Launch the Administration & Configuration Console

Launch the Administration & Configuration Console

You can access the Administration & Configuration Console at the URL, where is the name of your gridguard server

1. Select the 'License & User Management' option

Import New License

Import New License

SyferLock Support should have provided you with a license serial number and a license key.

  1. Copy & paste the 'License Serial Number' into this field
  2. Copy & paste the 'License key' into this field
  3. Click the 'Apply New License' button

Restart the gridserver service

Restart the gridserver service
  1. Switch to the 'Service Management' node
  2. Click the 'Re-Start' button to restart the gridserver service. While the service restarts, there will be a service outage. You will also be prompted to refresh your session as part of the restart.

Verify New License

Verify New License
  1. Switch to the 'License & User Management' node
  2. Click 'Refresh Count' to calculate the number of registered users


  • that the license expiration date matches what was requested for and
  • that the number of used user licenses is below the number of purchased licenses (User Licenses is expressed in the following format:  used/purchased)
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