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Default GridGuard templates for SonicWall Aventail SRA E-Class EX-Series

There are two files needed to configure the style and templates for the SonicWall Aventail SRA E-Class to use GridGuard™. Both are attached to this article.

  1. First the is the style zip file.  This zip file is based on the default style in the SRA.  The two main differences is that this zip files contains the JavaScript framework MooTools 1.2.x ( and the gridguard-aventail.class.js file.  These two files  are used to dynamically modify the webpage to support GridGuard™.   All that need to done to apply this is upload the to the SRA and apply it the appropriate SRA realm.
  2. The other file is the authentication-request.tmpl. This file will need to be modified and copied to your SRA via SSH to the proper template directory.  Before uploading the authentication-request.tmpl template file you need to update with the following information:
  • Replace all references of {SITEID}  to the SRA site id.
  • Replace all references of {GRIDGUARD_HOSTNAME} with the FQDN of your GridGuard™ host.
  • Replace all references of {GRIDGUARD_REALMNAME} with the GridGuard™ realm name defined the the Advanced Configuration Console(ACC) for the SRA [case-sensitive]

For more information about page customization, please refer to the 'SonicWall Aventail E-Class SRA EX-Series Installation and Administration Guide'

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