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FAQ for GridPro Users

Frequently Asked Questions from Users who have installed the GridPro software

1. Q. If I am a new user, how do I select my target position/corner?

A. If you are a new user, after you enter your username at the log-on screen, you will be brought to the "Manage GridPass" screen. Here you will be required to enter your network password and select your target position/corner.

2. Q. If my password changes on my corporate domain, do I need to re-register?

A. GridPro will require you to re-register at your next log-on.  The new network password will be used and a target position/corner will need to be selected.

3. Q. What if I forget my target position/corner selection, what do I need to do?

A. You can contact your Network Administrator who will be able to reset your account.  This will require you to re-register where you will define your target position/corner.

4. Q. Can I change my target position/corner selection?  Is there a limitation to how many times I change it?

A. You are able to manage your target position/corner selection via the "Manage GridPass" function.  There are no limitations to the number of times you change your target position/corner.

5. Q. I have the “Change Password” button when I select Ctrl+Alt+Del.  Can I change my password?

A. Yes. GridPro  supports changing your password.  This will only change the password on the domain that you are connected to via VPN.  You will need to connect to your Corporate Domain to change your password at the corporate level.

6. Q. I’m left handed. Is there a way to change the layout of the screen so that it is easier to type in my GridCode?

A. Yes.  By selecting the Right radio button within the Keypad Position, it will display the grid on the left and the pad on the right making it more user friendly.

7. Q. How come MyGrid Selection is not saved after unsuccessful log-in attempt?

A. A change to your MyGrid selection will only save after you have successfully logged on. If you select a new MyGrid and fail at log-in, the display will not be saved and the previous display will be shown at the next log-in.  If you change the MyGrid display and successfully log-on, this will now be your default display until it is changed.

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