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Configure External Authentication Server

Adding an Active Directory authentication server.

Adding an Active Directory authentication server.

First an authentication server for Active Directory must be configured.

Browse to the GridGuard ACC.  Click on 'Servers' to add a new authentication server.  Then click on the 'Add a New Server' in the right side column.


Configure Active Directory

Configure Active Directory

Enter an authentication server label in the Server ID.  Then select the Server Type as 'LDAP'.  

Enter the appropriate configuration data for your Active Directory configuration.  

If you are using secure LDAP, make sure you have imported your trusted Root certificates in to GridGuard-VA.  If you have imported the certificate yet, check the 'Ignore SSL errors' check box.

  • Bind DN: Active Directory Service Account in Distingished Name format.  i.e. cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com
  • Bind Password: Password associated with Bind DN account
  • Test User DN: Leave blank
  • User Query: Leave as default
  • User Attribute: Leave as default
  • User Image Attribute: Leave as default
  • Password Attribute: Leave as default
  • Password Format: Leave as default
  • User Properties: Leave as default
  • External Password Attribute: Leave as default
  • Additional Attributes: userPrincipalName, objectGUID

Click 'Add Server'. Click 'Test DB Connection' to validate the LDAP settings. Then click 'Apply Changes' to save the server to the configuration file.


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