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Updating the appliance Host name & IP Address

Currently updating the appliance name / ip address through the Administration & Configuration Console is not supported.

This section provides information on how to update it manually using command line.

Updating Host name

Updating Host name

1. Log onto the gridguard appliance via SSH using the gridadmin id

2. Execute command 'system-config-network'

3. Select the 'Edit DNS configuration' option

4. Update Host name as necessary

5. Update DNS servers as necessary

6. Select 'OK'

Updating IP Address

Updating IP Address

7. Select 'Edit Devices'

8. Select the eth0 device

9. Update the Static IP, Net mask and Default Gateway as necessary

10. Select OK

11. Select 'Save'

Saving Changes

Saving Changes

12. Select 'Save & Click' to save all changes

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