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Oracle VirtualBox Instructions

The instructions given below apply to Oracle VirtualBox 4.x. VirtualBox 3.x and earlier are not supported due to lack of OVF support.  

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the GridGuard OVA file and save to a location accessible by the VirtualBox Manager.
  2. Browse to File -> Import Appliance
  3. Select the GridGuard OVF file and press ‘Next’.
  4. Uncheck the ‘DVD’ checkbox and press ‘Finish’.
  5. Start the GridGuard-VA  virtual machine
  6. Once the virtual machine starts, the OS will have report an error trying to start the X Windows system. Press ‘Yes’ to all of the given questions and the X Windows system will probe for a proper video card.  Once the GUI interface appears, select the ‘Hardware’ tab and click on the ‘Select’ button for choosing a monitor. Select the ‘1024x768 generic CRT’’ and press ‘Ok’.  The GUI interface should start properly now.
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