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SAML Integration Questionnaire

Here are some of the typical questions that need to be answered for integrating a cloud based web application with GridGuard using SAML.

  1. Version(s) of SAML supported by the cloud provider (1.1 and/or 2.0)
  2. Metadata URL or metadata XML file
  3. Sample AuthNRequest
  4. Sample 'compatible' AuthResponse
  5. Format in which the NameIdentifier needs to be provided (email address, employee id etc.)
  6. Any additional attributes that need to be set on the AuthResponse?
  7. Is assertion encryption required / supported?
  8. Format in which certificates need to be provided to SP (PKCS12, DER, PEM etc)

Note: ACS URL needs to be provided in the AuthNRequest. SyferLock does not currently support indexed ACSURL references.

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