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Cisco ASA Logon Templates

Here are the basic templates for customization the Cisco ASA's logon pages to support GridGuard. There are a few customer specific changes that need to be made before the files can be uploaded to the Cisco ASA.

  1. Open file with a text editor.
  2. Do a search for GRIDGUARD_HOSTNAME.  Change GRIDGUARD_HOSTNAME to the external FQDN hostname of the GridGuard-VA appliance.
  3. Do a search for GRIDGUARD_REALM.  Change GRIDGUARD_REALM to the GridGuard realm name defined in the ACC (case-sensitive).
  4. Save and close file.
  5. Upload the file to the "Clientless SSL VPN Access"  -> "Portal"-> "Web Contents" in the ADSM.  Make sure the file DOES NOT require authentication.  AKA.  "/+CSCOU+/"
  6. Apply changes


  1. In the ADSM, import gridguard-template.xml  in to "Clientless SSL VPN Access "  -> "Portal" -> "Customization"
  2. Configure the a profile in Connection Profiles" to use the new Customization.
  3. Apply changes.  
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