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Preparing for the Install of the GridGuard Virtual Appliance

This is a list of questions, options, and settings that one should think about prior to beginning the GridGuard Virtual Appliance installation. The answers and choices made will impact your solution design.

1. General Engagement Details

Please provide the following general details for the Proof of Concept/Demo. These answers will be used to determine the scope of the Proof of Concept and allow us to plan time to support your initial work with the solution.

  1. Estimated Date of Install of Proof of Concept:  
  2. Estimated Date of POC Demo:
  3. Estimated Length of Demo:
  4. Estimated Number of Users for Demo:
  5. Do you need High Availability and Disaster Recovery Support for the POC:

General Details for the Production Solution. These answers will ensure we design your production solution to meet your current and future expectations.

  1. Estimated Date of Install for Production:
  2. Estimated Number of Production Users:
  3. Do you need High Availability and Disaster Recovery Support for Production:
  4. Will High Availability and Disaster Recovery Support for Production be added later:

2. GridGuard Authentication Solution Required

What level of Authentication is required?

Multi-factor authentication solution featuring GridPIN and password. This is the browser based server side installation.

Two factor authentication.  We have GridSoftToken as well as SMS and Email Solutions.

3. Virtualization Platform

GridGuard will be installed as a virtual appliance on the virtualization platform of your choice. We recommend VMWare ESX/ESXi. However we have a variety of platforms that have been tested and certified.

See the list at the following link.

Supported Hypervisor

4. Virtual Machine Specifications

The Virtual Machine minimum requirements are located at the following link.

Virtual Machine Specifications

5. User Store

User Store

Please select the type of user store that is used to authenticate users. This is the directory that will be used as the database of record to determine who valid users are.

The Bind DN service account provided above should have the following rights:

  • Connect to the User store
  • Query for users

6. User Store Policy Questions

Are there corporate requirements for allowing or disallowing communication between your SSL VPN solution and User Store? If so, please explain.

Are there any policies in place for currently authenticating with your SSL VPN solution (e.g.: Single Sign On)? If so, please explain.

7. Requirements For Deployment

Requirements For Deployment

Given above are the requirements to be met for the installation of the GridGuard authentication solution.

8. Firewall Policy Requirements

Firewall Policy Requirements
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