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Download Array Customization Template

To complete the integration you will need to deploy the Array AG portal page templates to GridGuard-VA. To get the base templates, browser to the support portal. There you can download the base templates.

Customize Template

Unzip the file and make any changes to the templates that your company requires. Re-zip the template when complete.

Upload Customization Template

Upload Customization Template
  1. Now you need upload the array page customizations to the GridGuard-VA. In the ACC, browse to the Localization -> Web Pages section in the left hand pane. First, you must assign a Target Path to your customization. This defines part of the URL that will be used to access the URL page templates. An example is https://<GridGuard Hostname>/web/<Target Path Value>/  Replace <GridGuard_Hostname> and <Target_Path_Value> as appropriate. For that sake of this documentation we are going to name ours 'arrayag'.
  2. Once you have defined the Target Path, select the customized zip file by clicking on 'Choose' and select the zip file . Then click 'Upload' to upload it to the GridGuard-VA. You should now be able to see it on the list of 'Imported Page Customizations.'
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