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User Registration Workflow

Provides a high level workflow of  the registration process workflow

Registration Sequence Diagram

Registration Sequence Diagram

The various steps in the registration process are:

  1. The user navigates to the  the Netscaler / AGEE login page URL
  2. Login page is displayed to the user
  3. As a first time user of the GridGuard system, user clicks on the 'Register' link
  4. Registration page is displayed to the user
  5. User enters their username, network password, a new PIN and a new target corner and submits the request
  6. GridGuard sends a bind request to the Active DIrectory server to validate the network password
  7. Active Directory responds back to indicate if the bind was successful. A successful bind indicates that the password was correct.
  8. After the password is successfully validated, the user is registered in the GridGuard system with the selected PIN and target corner
  9. A confirmation page is displayed to the user indicating that the registration is successful. There will also be a link provided on the page to redirect the user back to the initial login page.
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