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NetScaler Responder Rules (copied)

By default the NetScaler / AGEE redirects HTTP requests that are not part of it's 'known pages' to the default index.html.  A user cannot just enter '' and get the proper page. To configure the NetScaler / AGEE serve the proper customized page, a responder rule will have to be made.  It will also have to be bound to the global responder.  The following steps will cover this process.

Create Responder Action

Create Responder Action

A responder action will need to be created.  Navigate to Responder -> Actions and click on the 'Add' button.   Then fill out the dialog box with the information below:

Name:  A descriptive identifier for the responder action

Type: Redirect

Target:  The external URL of the access gateway virtual server that points to the customized page.  Enclose the URL in double quotes.  

Press 'Create' when finished.

Create Responder Policy

Create Responder Policy

Once the responder action has been made, a responder policy will be need to be made.  With this policy, the NetScaler / AGEE needs to detect the when a user accesses the   There are many ways to detect this.   The above expression in the dialog box is one example.   In the other dialog fields enter the following information:

Name: descriptive identifier for the Responder Policy

Action: < Previously created Responder Action >

Log Action: < Any >

Undefined-Result Action: - Global undefined-result action -

Press the 'Create' button when complete

Apply to Global Responder

Apply to Global Responder

Now the responder policy need to applied to the Global Responder.  To do this open the Responder Policy Manager and select the 'Default Global' section on the left.  Click on ' Inset Policy' .  Now select the proper priority and the previously created responder policy.  Then click the 'Apply Changes' button to complete this process.

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