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User Registration Workflow

Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram

This sequence diagram describes the a user workflow scenario when registering.

  1. User browses to the protected URL.
  2. Mod_Auth_PubTkt checks for mod_auth_pubtkt cookie. It is not detected or invalid.
  3. User's browser is redirected to the GridGuard Server.
  4. User is prompted to enter username
  5. GridGuard lookups up see if user exists and is authorized in the external user store.
  6. Returns status of user to GridGuard.
  7. GridGuard Server checks to see if user is already registered in the GridGuard system.
  8. User returns not registered.
  9. User is shown form to complete self registration.
  10. User submits External LDAP password, a raw PIN, a corner, and any additional information required.This could a GridKey address/phone number or GridSoftToken setup.
  11. Binds to External LDAP Server to verify user's identity.
  12. Bind returns successful/failed.
  13. If successful, user account registration information is written to the GridGuard server.
  14. The user's browser displays a successfully/failure register page.
  15. User clicks 'Ok' button
  16. User is redirected to the login URL.
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