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Generating the Signing Key

Generating the Signing Key

In order to properly implement GridGuard's mod_auth_pubtkt setup, GridGuard needs to have an additional encryption key over the standard keys generated. This key will be used for siging and verifying the mod_auth_pubtkt's tickets.  In the ACC, click on the "Encryption Key"  in the left hand column. Then click on 'Generate New Key' and wait a few moments. After a few moments, a new Key UUID will appear in the list of encryption keys.  Take note of the key's UUID. You will need it later in the implementation.

Exporting the Signing Key

Now you need to export the public key of the encryption key pair to be used on the apache web server using mod_auth_pubtkt. Click 'Export' button of newly generated encryption key pair in the 'Asymmetric Algorithm' column. Save the file to disk. You will need it later in the integration.

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