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RADIUS Configuration (copied)

Provides instructions for configuring Netscaler/AGEE to use GridGuard as a Radius authentication server

Create a RADIUS Server

Create a RADIUS Server

Enter the following information in the RADIUS Authentication Server dialog box:

IP Address: <Internal GridGuard  Address>

Port: 1812

Timeout: 5

Secret Key: <GridGuard RADIUS Secret>

Confirm Secret Key: <GridGuard RADIUS Secret>

Create Radius Policy

Create Radius Policy

Create a RADIUS authentication policy.  

Name: Descriptive name for the authentication policy

Server: Select the previously created RADIUS authentication server for GridGuard.

Expression : Set the expression to ns_true.

Apply the GridRadius Policy Access Gateway

Apply the GridRadius Policy Access Gateway

Now add the GridRadius policy to the access gateway's secondary authentication server.  

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