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Convert Signing Key

Converting the exported RSA key to a PEM format.

Transfer Key to Protected Server

First you want to tranfer your exported public RSA key to the apache server that we are using mod_auth_pubtkt to protect. We are assuming this will be a Unix/Linux style server.  

Convert the public key to PEM format.

By default GridGuard cannot export keys in PEM format. You will need to convert to PEM.  This can be accomplished with OpenSSL. Run the follow command you convert the RSA key to PEM format:

#> openssl rsa -pubin -inform DER -in <GridGuard Key File> -pubout -out <Apache PEM Key File>

Give Apache the Key

Now copy / move the public key to a location where apache web server can access it.  This file does not and should not be accessible via the web. Make sure file has the proper file permissions too.

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