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Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram

This sequence diagram above describes the flow of the user's experience during self-registration.

  1. User Browses to protected URL.
  2. Mod_Auth_PubTkt checks for mod_auth_pubtkt cookie. Not detected/invalid.
  3. User's browser is redirected Browser to GridGuard Server.
  4. User is prompted to enter their username.
  5. GridGuard lookups up username on the external user store to see if user exists and is authorized with a service account.
  6. Returns valid LDAP User data
  7. User displayed a Grid and asked to enter a GridCode and there network password.
  8. User enters their GridCode and Network password and submits the form.
  9. GridGuard attempts to authenticate the GridCode and network password.
  10. GridGuard binds with network password.
  11. Returns successful bind if the network password is correct.
  12. GridGuard binds with GridCode.
  13. Returns successful if GridCode is correct.
  14. Sets mod_auth_pubtkt cookie if authentication correct and cookie signed with private key.
  15. Displays page to redirect the user's browser to the originally requested protected URL.
  16. Browser requests protected URL.
  17. The Apache Web server verifies mod_auth_pubtkt cookie signature.
  18. Allows access to protected content if signature is correct.


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