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The Config.php File

The config.php file is SimpleSAMLPHP main config file. Use a text editor that supports unix style EOL (not Windows Notepad) to edit this file or edit on your deployed server.

baseurlpath Variable

The baseurlpath variable value should be the fully qualified domain name and path to the SimpleSAML public URL. Also make sure to use HTTPS.

certdir Variable

The certdata variable defines where in the filessystem the certificates can be found. If this is unset or commented out, please set it. It set to 'cert/'.


secretsalt Variable

This variable needs to the set per an installation. Make sure to follow the directions above this variable in the config.php.

session.cookie.domain Variable

This variable set the domain scope of the SAML session cookie. By default it is set to null, which will limit its scope to just this host. If you behind a load balanacer, make sure to set it to the external name. Variable

The variable defines if the cookie can be read only in HTTPS connection. This should be set to TRUE.


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