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Deploy SimpleSAMLPHP

Download SimpleSAMLPHP

Download SimpleSAMLPHP from  This tutorial is based on version 1.13.

Deploy SimpleSAMLPHP

Uncompress the SimpleSAMLPHP to a logical directory. It should not be within the your web server's public directory. I recommend /var/lib/simplesamlphp on UNIX style system.

Expose SimpleSAMLPHP Web Interface

Make an web server alias or use a symbolic link (if available) from {WebServerRoot}/simplesaml/ to /var/lib/simplesamlphp/www

Set Admin Interface Password (Recommended)

By default, the SimpleSAMLPHP interface has an admin interface that will be available to the outside world. An admin should make sure there is at least a password protecting it's interface. Make sure to read the file {SimpleSAML Directory}/config/config.php to secure the deployment.

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