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Radius Setup

Provides instructions on how to configure the GridGuard Radius Server

  1. Click Radius Setup
  2. Set Default Realm to the realm created in Realm Setup
  3. Set Perform user lookup for nonce verification to No
  4. Click Add Radius Client. A dialog window to Enter New Client Information is displayed
  5. Set Client Short Name to a unique name used to identify the Netscaler / AGEE servers
  6. Set Allowed IP Addresses to a list of IP addresses that include all the Netscaler / AGEE servers
  7. Set Secret to the radius secret that will be used to encrypt the requests. This should be set to the same value on the Netscaler / AGEE servers when configuring the radius authentication server
  8. Leave NAS Type blank
  9. Click Add. Add additional Radius clients as necessary
  10. Click Save Changes
  11. Click Apply Changes. Verify that all changes have been saved
  12. Click Restart Radius Service to ensure that server is restarted with all the newly configured settings
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