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GridGuard SAML Configuration

Set up the SAML values for GridGuard that will be relevant for the CyberArk Integration

SAML Configuration - General Tab

SAML Configuration - General Tab
  1. Right Click on SAML Configuration in the left pane
  2. Choose Add
  3. Name the SAML Configuration
  4. Pick a Cert for the Signing Certificate, make a note of the Signing Certificate that you selected
  5. For the EntityID put PasswordVault
  6. Add the ACS URL https://<PasswordVault FQDN>/PasswordVault    - Used 127.0.01 for the Skytap Deployment
  7. Choose the SAML_2Form Realm you created
  8. Choose sAMAccountName as the Name Identifier
  9. Choose unspecified as the Name ID Type
  10. Check the Sign Assertion Checkbox
  11. Click Apply Changes

SAML Configuration - Reference URL Tab

SAML Configuration - Reference URL Tab

Copy the SP initiated login URL


SAML Configuration - Retrieve PEM CERT

SAML Configuration - Retrieve PEM CERT
  1. In the Left Pane, Single Click the Header "SAML Configuration"
  2. Click the Export (Download Arrow) for the Cert you picked in the General Tab Settings
  3. Click the Download Button in the Export Certificate Window that is presented.
  4. Locate the "samlCertificate.pem" file that is downloaded.
  5. Open in an editor.
  6. Stripe out everything except for the cert, including the line breaks, until you have a solid line of just the cert.
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