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Customizing Application UI Labels


To deploy customizations to the GridGuard application user interface, ensure that you are on GridGuard version 5.2.9 or higher. If you are on an earlier version, please contact SyferLock Support to obtain the patch to upgrade your server.

Edit appropriate file

GridGuard first looks in the file /opt/syferlock/gridserver/webapps/gridguard/WEB-INF/classes/i18n/ to find all the key values. It will then look in the file /etc/syferlock/gridserver/i18n/gridguard/ and if any values are found, will use those values to override the default values. So to change the labels, simply add the labels you want to change to the etc/syferlock/gridserver/i18n/gridguard/ file.

  • Log onto the GridGuard server through SSH as gridadmin
  • cd /etc/syferlock/gridserver/i18n/gridguard/
  • In this directory, you will find a file named ''. This file will initially be empty.
  • To override any string literal displayed in the user interface, first determine the key for the label from the file /opt/syferlock/gridserver/webapps/gridguard/WEB-INF/classes/i18n/
  • Now, enter the new value in the file /etc/syferlock/gridserver/i18n/gridguard/ For e.g., to override the value of the string 'Show Password/PIN Rules' string that is displayed during registration to say 'Show PIN Rules', add a string with the following value to the file /etc/syferlock/gridguard/i18n/gridguard/ password.showPasswordRules=Show PIN Rules
  • For internationalization support, simply add a new messages_[locale].properties file in the directory /etc/syferlock/gridguard/i18n/gridguard. For e.g., to add support for Spanish, add a file named, and for Portuguese (Brazil), add a file named messages_pt-BR.properies. When you are add support for a new language, you will need to override every value in the base file. When adding/modifying values try to keep the length of the string the same as before; this will help with alignment / display.
  • Note: Localization will be driven by the user browser settings. The application will attempt to match the browser setting to the appropriate messags_[locale].properties file. If one cannot be found, the system will default to English language settings.


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