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Installing / Updating the GridGuard License

This lesson details the steps to install or update your GridGuard license.

Launch the Administration & Configuration Console

Launch the Administration & Configuration Console

You can access the Administration & Configuration Console at the URL, where is the name of your gridguard server

1. Select the 'License & User Management' option

Import New License

Import New License

SyferLock Support should have provided you with a license serial number and a license key.

  1. Copy & paste the 'License Serial Number' into this field
  2. Copy & paste the 'License key' into this field
  3. Click the 'Apply New License' button

Restart the gridserver service

  1. Switch to the 'Service Management' node
  2. Click the 'Re-Start' button to restart the gridserver service. While the service restarts, there will be a service outage. You will also be prompted to refresh your session as part of the restart.

Verify New License

  1. Switch to the 'License & User Management' node
  2. Click 'Refresh Count' to calculate the number of registered users


  • that the license expiration date matches what was requested for and
  • that the number of used user licenses is below the number of purchased licenses (User Licenses is expressed in the following format:  used/purchased)
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