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Controlling Log Level


Changing the log levels will influence the type of messages that are written to the syslogs.

There are

  • CRITICAL - These are critical issues that can result in system wide interruption of service where action should be taken immediately. This level maps to Emergency, Alert & Critical levels as defined in RFC 5424.
  • ERROR - Error conditions. Non-urgent failures, these should be relayed to developers or admins; each item must be resolved within a given time.
  • WARNING - Warning conditions but not yet an error. An error will occur if action is not taken, e.g. file system 85% full - each item must be resolved within a given time.
  • INFO - Informational messages. Normal operational messages - may be harvested for reporting, measuring throughput, etc. - no action required. Maps to Notice & Informational messages as defined in RFC 5424.
  • DEBUG - Info useful to developers for debugging the application, not useful during operations.During normal operations, this should not be used as it can result in verbose logging that might affect performance, especially in a high performance environment.

By default the system runs at an INFO level.

Changing Levels

Changing Levels

Launch the Administration & Configuration Console

  1. Select the Logs option
  2. Set the Gridserver logging level to the desired level
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click Restart gridserver service to apply the logging level changes
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