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Installing VMWare Tools for ESX(i)

  1. At an SSH/Console command prompt, enter following command to enable the internal VMWare tools YUM repository.
    1. #> sudo yum-config-manager --enable hypervisor-esxi
  2. Then you will need to install the vmware-tools RPM package via YUM
    1. #> sudo yum install -y open-vm-tools
  3. Reboot the VM.
    1. #> sudo shutdown -r now

This completes the installation of  VMWare Tools.  No reboot is required.  VMWare ESX(i)  should now be able to detect the VM as an 'Guest Managed' host.  This means that the VM has VMWare tools installed, but ESX(i) does not manage the installation / upgrades of the guest's tools.

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