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Oracle VirtualBox Instructions

The instructions given below apply to Oracle VirtualBox 6.x versions.

Installation Instructions

Pick the Appliance OVA

  1. Download the GridGuard OVA file and save to a location accessible by the VirtualBox Manager.
  2. Browse to File -> "Import Appliance..." (See "Appliance to Import" dialog below)
  3. Select the previously saved GridGuard OVF file and press ‘Continue’.

Import the Appliance

  1. In the "Appliance Settings" dialog box you can modify the base folder to your desired location.
  2. Click "Import"

The process will complete and return to the main screen with a new system listed in the left pane.

Selecting it will show the details in the right pane.

Click the "Start" icon, or Choose the Machine -> Start -> "Normal Start" menu to being the First Boot of the appliance.

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