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FAQ for GridGuard Administration & Configuration Console (ACC)

Frequently asked questions about the Administration & Configuration Console (ACC)

1. Q. How can I access to the GridGuard ACC?

A. Admin Configuration  Console is a web-based GUI tool for administrators. After having a successful GridGuard software installation, open your web browser and type https://localhost:8443/Admin/

2. Q. What if I do that and still can’t access the GridGuard ACC?

A. Make sure the GridGuard server is up and running, and also make sure you have entered the correct credentials to login to the ACC.

3. Q. Can I define multiple user groups for GridGuard?

A. Yes, you can. You will need to define the user groups separately in the User ACC -> Realm -> User Groups section in X509 format (cn=Grid Admins, cn=Users, dc=example, dc=com).

4. Q. Do I have to create different cryptographic keys for every realm created in the ACC?

A. You can use either the same or different crypto keys for different Realms depending on your realm configuration.

5. Q. How do I enable GridGuard 2Form in the ACC?

A. In the ACC, Realm options section check mark the “Enable 2Form” option.

6. Q. How do I enable GridGuard PIN Only in the ACC?

A. In the ACC, Realm options section check mark the “Pin Only” option.

7. Q. How should I assign the primary and secondary UserStores in the ACC for a 2 Form Implementation?

A. If you are implementing GridGuard 2Form solution please choose the user store that you have created for OpenLDAP as the primary User Store, and the user store that you have created for your own AD user store as the Secondary User Store from dropdown list.

8. Q. How can I change the GridGuard Admin’s credentials for ACC?

A. This password is the tomcat user password and different from the UNIX password.

It is stored in /etc/syferlock/gridserver/tomcat-users.xml

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