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FAQ for GridGuard Users

Frequently Asked Questions for GridGuard End Users

1. Q. If I am a new user, how do I register for GridGuard system?

A. You will need to access to the URL that has GridGuard enabled. You will enter username and click on GridGuard Login button. This will take you to the registration screen where you will enter your network password, select your GridPIN, and select a target position which is used at login for the GridCode value.

2. Q.  Can I use special characters for my GridPIN value?

A. The GridPIN™ value only allows numeric values plus * and #.  Alpha and other special characters are not allowed.

3. Q. When I change my my GridPIN, do I have to change my target position also?

A. Changing the either the GridPIN or target position can be done independently.

4. Q. What if I enter a wrong password or username during registration?

A. For security purposes, when registering, if you enter an incorrect or invalid username or password, the system will return you back to the username login page and will not save any entries.

5. Q. How can I enable/disable Add-Ons?

A. Within Security Center-> Manage GridPass-> Change Add-on, you will select a number from the dropdown and click the save button.  If you wish to discontinue using the Add -on, simply set the value to zero (0) and save.  Once saved, you may logout via the link at the top of the page.

6. Q. Why do I see this message when I attempt to login from Internet Explorer?

Q. Why do I see this message when I attempt to login from Internet Explorer?

A. You may need to contact your network or security administrator. They will need to ensure that the Root CA associated with the SSL certificate installed on the GridGuard server, is also installed on the client machine. That will prevent  the ‘problem with Web Server Certificate’ message from being displayed in Internet Explorer and will also resolve this error.

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